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One Cast And You’ll Be Hooked

animatedlure-smallWe make fishing lures like you have never seen before. Our patent pending technology gives advantages to fishermen they have always wanted but never had. No matter what your skill level our weedless and automatic lures will increase your fun and your catching results. Spring loaded hooks that are hidden and held in place until the fish takes them into his mouth make ours the most revolutionary lures available. See for yourself by viewing our Bites Back Fishing Products.

main-jimEvery fishing hole gets bigger when you use a weedless Bites Back lure. You are no longer limited to just fishing the outside edges of the cover. With a Bites Back lure the fisherman can cast deep into the cover directly over the hiding fish and retrieve the lure through and over the limbs and debris.

And our lures are safer for everyone in the boat or on the pier. This makes them ideal for the young and the novice and makes fishing more fun for everyone.

“One Cast And You’ll Be Hooked”




All Bites BackĀ® Lures & Hooks are Patented!


Weedless Fishing Lures



Weedless Lures

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