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Weedless HooksXTWO Hooks Weedless Hooks available with SINGLE or XTWO hooks
Bites Back Hooks are more than just another weedless hook. They are weedless and spring-loaded. When deployed the trigger guard transforms into a lever that pushes against what ever it contacts to force the hook point into a wide fish hooking array. The trigger tension can be adjusted to be a hair trigger or a very strong trigger that resists tripping accidently even in the thickest grass or weeds. Bites Back leaded hook models come in several sizes and configurations to be used in various applications. These include worm hooks, swimbait hooks, umbrella rig hooks, lead headed jigs, live bait or cut bait, spinnerbait, buzzbait, and spoons. Order Now
frontbanded-hooks Jigs and Front Banded Jigs available with SINGLE or XTWO hooks
In addition to being weedless and spring loaded the Bites Back Front Banded Jigs have additional benefits over conventional rear banded jigs. The skirt is attached near the front of the lead head and virtually cover the entire head. Because of the design and the 3/O hook the profile is reduced in size and results in our version of a Mini Jig. The Front Banded Jig is also softer because it is almost 100% insulated be the soft skirt that covers the lead. When a Bass engulfs the Front Banded Jig, it is more likely to keep it in his mouth longer while it analyses his prey. This gives the fisherman a better opportunity to set the hook and catch the Bass. Order Now
weedless-fishing-spinner-buzz-info Spinnerbait and Buzzbait jigs available with single or XTWO hooks
Bites Back Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits have several benefits that traditional baits do not have. The hooks are weedless and spring loaded and offer all the advantages that come with our weedless spring hooks as described above. The leaded heads on our baits are attached in a way that allows the bait to swim more naturally and swing from side to side with more action. Hook up potential is increased because the hook is free to swing into the mouth of the Bass when the strike comes. Another benefit is the easy way the jig heads can be removed and replaced with a different weight or a different color. Any Bites Back Jig will attach easily and quickly to any spinnerbait or buzzbait. Order Now
weedless-fishing-spoons-info Weedless Spoons
Bites Back Spoons have the most flash and best flutter action of any spoon available today. The leaded hook and spoon combination results in a lure that rides the wind for a long cast and dives quickly to the deepest fish. The hole in the spoon blade allows a column of water to pass through as it falls which enhances the glide and wobble of the blade. The fishing line is attached directly to the hook and does not hamper or restrict the action of the spoon blade. Because of the unique way the spoon is attached to the spring wire, the spoon blade is free to wobble and flutter to entice a vicious strike. The wobble also generates a rattle. When the spring loaded hook deploys, it is forced by spring action into a wide fish hooking array. The action of the spoon just gets better when a skirt is added to the leaded jig head or trailer is added. Order Now
Bites Back Fishing 4 Inch Dancers
This lure is designed for top water action in thick cover or grass. Work it as you would work a soft rubber fluke to make it dance and dip a few inches under the surface. When paused it will float up. Order Now
Bites Back Fishing 4 Inch Dives 7 Feet
This lure is designed for top water action in thick cover or to be retrieved slowly to create a slow wobble. A slow and steady retrieve can drive the lure down to 7-10 feet, When paused the lure will float up to the surface. Order Now

3 inch 3 Inch Dives 7 Feet
Lure dives 7 to 10 feet. Slow retrieve rate produces slow wide wobble. Add spinner assembly, wiggle tail, or feather to tail for more action. Floats to surface when retrieve is paused. Order Now
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Prop Frogs Popper/Spitter Frog Lure
The latest version of our BITES BACK FROG will be a great addition to your tackle box. These hand made custom frog lures have a brass-nickel face that adds shine to a great spitting frog lure. This lure is loaded with personality and attitude. For even more added attraction reverse the legs to make even more splash.
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Lipless Frog Choices Lipless Frog Lure
This lipless frog lure is designed to skim the water surface to create a wake. During retrieve, the legs extend naturally in a swimming motion that generates vibration. The legs extend and retract when jerked with a popping to cause an attracting splash. To create a new lure, “Rotate or spin” the legs to make them backwards to their conventional position to make more pop and splash during the retrieve. Order Now
Frog Choices Frog Lure
This frog lure is designed with a nose paddle to make it dive 3 feet with legs extending behind to create a tantalizing swimming motion. When paused the legs retract and the lure floats to the surface with a life like suspending posture. Order Now View Frog Video
Bass caught on Firtail rig

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